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Y-HG1- type metallurgical hydraulic cylinder冶金设备用液压
发布时间:2019-12-18 10:59
Y-HG1- type metallurgical hydraulic cylinder冶金设备用液压缸
Y-HG1- type metallurgical hydraulic cylinder冶金设备用液压缸
Seric’s cylinder and system branch plant is mainly engaged in a variety of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic system design, manufacturing and technical consultation and service projects, and committed to a variety of non-standard hydraulic cylinders and high-performance cylinder research and development. At present, the company has hired a number of well-known experts with more than 30 years of working experience for the company's engineers and technical consultants. Now we produce a variety of standard hydraulic cylinder, vehicle hydraulic cylinder, metallurgical hydraulic cylinder, large diameter heavy hydraulic cylinder, as well as a variety of non-standard hydraulic cylinders.
The standard hydraulic cylinder of the Y-HG1 metallurgical equipment is a double-acting single piston rod hydraulic rod. The rod diameter is from 40 to 320 mm. There are 17 specifications, the rated pressure is 16mpa, and the buffer device can be provided. The series of hydraulic cylinders are in the form of 13 kinds of installation and connection. In addition to the axial foot type, the installation and installation dimensions comply with the requirements of iso602/1-1981. The end threads of the piston rod are also in accordance with the provisions of gb2350-80. It is suitable for the metallurgical equipment (not suitable for phosphate grease) of the working temperature of -30℃~+80℃ and the working medium is hydraulic oil and emulsified.


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